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Our Philosophy

If you could create your own investment management company, what would you do that was different, what would you do that was the same, and what would you do to be the best?

Those are the exact questions six of the industry’s leading professionals asked themselves and, from the answers, Investors Capital Network (ICN) was born. Pooling over 120 combined years of success in investment, finance, development and construction, the principals of ICN made a commitment to create a new company – a different company – one that would withstand the real estate market’s inevitable ebbs and flows and one that would instill trust and comfort in those willing to be part of its mission.

Experience teaches you a lot. The overriding lesson is that good business practices lead to good business relationships and good business relationships lead to profitable and successful transactions.

At the heart of good business practices are clearly defined goals and an overriding commitment to constant communication toward achieving those goals. ICN’s goal is simple - to funnel capital into worthy real estate projects at an equitable rate to the borrower and a substantial return to the investor.

ICN has a growing cadre of proven borrowers with access to real estate opportunities that are positioned for success. These borrowers have come to rely on the principals of Investors Capital Network for arranging loans to satisfy their capital needs. These opportunities, after careful scrutiny by ICN, are the transactions that are presented to its investor base for consideration.

Every facet of every offering is meticulously evaluated to ensure it is in congruence with the eventual success of the transaction. Investors would be hard pressed to find a group of individuals who have more first hand experience evaluating all aspects of real estate from land acquisition and entitlement to the eventual sale and close-out of a project. In fact, over the years many Fortune 500 companies have relied on these gentlemen to evaluate their various portfolio holdings.

After an investment opportunity is reviewed and found to be satisfactory by the ICN team and after all of the terms are negotiated with the borrower, the loan is prepared for presentation to investors for potential funding. Here, a commitment to ongoing communication is established with the investor. This commitment ensures that strategies are adhered to and causes the team to keep its focus throughout the term of the investment. This communication includes not only information on existing investments, but also continuous information about potential new investments.

ICN believes it is all about the relationship. We are a cup of coffee away from a personal visit, or simply stop by our website. If time is tight – just give us a call. By limiting the number of investments in our portfolio and only building relationships with proven borrowers, we are able to maintain our communication commitment to our network of investors.

Proven borrowers, smart investment opportunities, savvy investors, and solid relationships, a philosophy that supports success.

The Smart Money People



Over the years many Fortune 500 companies have relied on these gentlemen to evaluate their various portfolio holdings.
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